Paul Bliss and Fongaboo (Jonathan Capra) first began collaborating on the music video show 'My Part of the Thing' which ran in Manhattan, Boston and Westchester County, NY from 1993-1997. In 1993, Mechno found he was able to attract and entertain his dormmates at the University at Albany by accompanying any techno track someone happened to have on the stereo with unique visuals. Fongaboo had already been adding his trademark graphics to television, both on 'My Part of the Thing' and for MediaOne cable. But the two truly shared the vision of bringing the visual component to the rave experience.

    In 1996, feeling lost in the NYC scene, Fongaboo began to join his partner in the Capital District - commuting to the houseparties that Mechno had been visually assaulting. The tight-knit Albany scene proved to be an apt breeding ground for the formation of the visual team that is Twisted Pair. It would be here that they would forge their style of computer-generated imagery and old-school analog effects.

    It would be later that year that the legendary club, THE LAUNCHPAD, opened its doors.. At this time Fongaboo permanently relocated in the Capital District. The duo were taken on as the resident projectionists and Albanyites were treated weekly to a unique visual experience.

    Although notable, the Launchpad's reign was brief, so the pair found themselves looking for other events to showcase their stylings. It was in August of 1998 that the two brought their trippy visuals to the outdoors, not on a traditional projection screen, but on a translucent globe that suspended in midair, at the G-Boys' GENERATOR 5.

    2000 would be 'the' year that would forge Twisted Pair into their present incarnation: an updated presentation consisting of video sampling/looping, audioreactive psychedelia and 3-D imagery. 2000 sparked an explosion in the burgeoning Albany scene, and along with it Twisted Pair finally acquired a notoriety all their own, becoming 'the' visual team to get for any Capital District party. ETERNITY 5 would set this off when Twisted Pair, in addition to rocking Center City Arena all night long, acted as the timekeepers, bringing partygoers into the next Millenium with their awe-inspiring midnight-countdown sequence. This acceleration of sight and sound would be the memory etched forever in the minds of those who attended, making Mechno and Fongaboo recognizable figures from then on.

    Twisted Pair continued to dazzle partygoers throughout the Capital District, appearing at a string of parties: EDMS's VOLUME 13, Y2K's INTERMISSION, Double Impact's FROSTBITE, HEADRUSH, GHOULASH and ASCENSION. Twisted Pair has established themselves as Albany's Premier Visual Team and is ready to branch out into the tri-state area and beyond.. Albany already knows that a party just isn't a party without Twisted Pair.. Do you??